The Memories Of The Fallen Are Remembered Today

Friday Focus: Remembering September 11, 2001

In today's Friday Focus, I want to take a few minutes to honor the fallen of that tragic day – September 11, 2001. It is hard to believe it was fourteen years ago when the towers fell from the New York skyline.

9/11 Memorial - NYC

9/11 Memorial – NYC | ©2014 Dave Anthold

In 2014, I took a trip to New York City with some friends and colleagues, and to stand and pay my respects at the memorial was moving.

Walking around the place where the towers used to stand, I took in the names that wrapped around all sides.

Freedom Tower & 9/11 Memorial

Freedom Tower & 9/11 Memorial | ©2014 Dave Anthold

Jake Barton shared in his TED Talk, The Museum of Yousome background of how they brought the 9/11 museum to life. What I found even more fascinating was the care that they took to align the names of people around the water walls.

In one case, a family member asked that their family member be placed next to the individual who cared for them during their exit. This video will move your heart and dive deeper into the making of the 9/11 museum.

Hope In the Midst of Hell

Across the street from the 9/11 Memorial lies St. Paul's Chapel, which miraculously survived the Twin Towers collapse. In this little chapel, hope rang out loud and clear. In this chapel, faith met the weary and heart-broken. In this chapel, the resilience of heroism spoke volumes.

Placard of St. Paul's Chapel

Placard of St. Paul's Chapel | ©2014 Dave Anthold

That day as we wandered through the exhibits, you could not help but be overcome with emotion. The “unwavering spirit” of those that served during one of our nation's darkest hours met the grace of God in a small chapel.

Unwavering Spirit

Unwavering Spirit | ©2014 Dave Anthold

Today, we have hope – hope for a better tomorrow. We remember the sacrifice of the first responders. We remember those that lost their lives that day. We will never forget.

Never Forget

Never Forget | ©2014 Dave Anthold

Love and hope persevere. New York City understands it. Oklahoma City understands it. And we, America, understand it.

On a day, when we remember the fallen, please take a few minutes to remember the families who lost loved ones that day. We are a resilient nation, and we honor these men, women, children and even the unborn that perished that day.

NYC Love

NYC Love | ©2014 Dave Anthold

Question: Where were you when you first heard the news of September 11, 2001. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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