Permissions Policy

All the content located on this site (except for guest posts – see below) is copyrighted under my name. This permissions policy allows me to protect my intellectual property rights.

Below, I have detailed what you may and may not do with my content. Thank you for cooperation and understanding.

Without My Permission

  • You can extract up to 200 words of any specific blog post provided you link back to the original post on
  • You can print any blog post and photocopy it (up to 50 copies) for use within your company or organization.
  • You can print any blog post for non-commercial use (company newsletter, organization newsletter, etc.) provided you include the following copyright notice: “© 2015, Dave Anthold. All Rights Reserved. Originally Published at”

With My Permission

  • Build, change or transform any of my work
  • Use with any commercial work including licensing or selling with regards to any printed or digital material (blog posts, products, etc.).

Re-Posting or Translation

I do not permit the re-posting of any of my blog posts in their entirety. I can be penalized by Google, as Google cannot determine the original authorship.

Additionally, I do not permit any of my blog posts to be translated to any other language as I cannot verify the quality of the translation.

Guest Posting

All guest post authors retain the copyright to their work. If you would like to use their work, you must contact the author directly for permission. I do not act as a broker or a go-between for this content as I simply do not have the time.

If you have a question regarding the use of any of my content not covered above, please email me.

Creative Commons License


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