How Research Can Help Solve Facility Issues

Facility Issues and Frustration

The workplace is primed for researchers to explore employee behavior and generations in response to their physical environment. However, the struggle is determining what type of research will be most beneficial and how to implement the research findings into the workplace. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Facility Issues and Frustration”]Image courtesy of Tim Gouw on Unsplash[/featured-image] Facilities professionals […]

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The Future of the Apple Watch and the Workplace

The Apple Watch revolutionized the way we talk about fitness, think about time, and our wearables. The question is, how could the Apple Watch transform the way we measure our workplaces? [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Apple Watch and the Workplace”]Image courtesy of Corrine Kutz on Unsplash[/featured-image] When we start thinking of the possibilities of the Apple Watch beyond the health, […]

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The Value of Research in the Workplace


Is there a place in today’s crowded workplace for research initiatives? For years, research has driven workplace designers and facilities’ teams to construct the workplace of the future. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Workspace”]Image courtesy of Taduuda on Unsplash[/featured-image] In the 1950’s, the open plan was truly an open plan. Steel desks laid out in rows with no […]

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