The Value of a Photograph

Art from a Russian Orphanage

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow many photograph’s do you have in your home?  Hanging on your wall?  In picture frames spread throughout your rooms?  I don’t think I have ever really pondered the question myself until returning to Russia. At work, I have photos pinned to my cubicle walls.  We have pictures hanging throughout the buildings.  We frame them […]

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This man had dropped off his grandson at the summer children’s ministry in Pskov, Russia and then proceeded to grab his paper and folding chair, and settle in for a relaxing scan of the headlines. (Shot in Pskov, Russia – July, 2011 – Canon 5D/2 | 85mm f/4 @ 1/1000 | ISO 100)

Encouragement International Launches Summer Missions 2012 Promo

Last year, I went with Encouragement International on two missions trips to the Czech Republic and Russia and loved every second of it.  If you have never been on a missions trip before, I can tell you that you will meet people and experience God in new and exciting ways. [x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed] Encouragement International is […]

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