6 Podcasts to Strengthen Your Business Foundation

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The more I dive into learning, the more I see the value of podcasts as a leader’s secret weapon for leadership development. Last year, I listened to more podcasts than ever before, and it sparked new ideas for building my personal leadership. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Skyscrapers”] John Maxwell said, Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. […]

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Learning to Be Great Can Be Painful

My heart was pounding as I heard the voice over the loudspeaker say, [featured-image single_newwindow=”true” alt=”Running”] You have 90 seconds to cross the start line before we close it, and you will need to begin with the rest of the racers at 7:30 am. As I rounded the metal barricade and stepped across the start […]

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3 Ways to Kick Fear to the Curb

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Fear – it can be debilitating. It can hold you back, and it can kill your momentum. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Image courtesy of Lightstock – Kristen Weilert[/featured-image] This Friday, I head to Chicago for the half marathon. This goal has been on my list for about six months. Over the past eleven months, I have been on […]

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Do You Want to Maximize Your Leadership?

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John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” What if you could strengthen and maximize your leadership skills by investing just four hours in a one-of-a-kind leadership event? [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Live2Lead Header”] It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true. In today’s fast-paced world, leadership skills will set you apart from the crowd. John Maxwell […]

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3 Simple Lessons The Seahawks Teach You About Winning

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Screenwriters could not have scripted Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks any better than what real-life wrote.  The Seahawks staged a stunning comeback in the fourth quarter to tie the game and leave Packers wondering what happened. Just three minutes and some change into overtime, Russell Wilson threw the game-winning […]

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