The Value of Research in the Workplace


Is there a place in today’s crowded workplace for research initiatives? For years, research has driven workplace designers and facilities’ teams to construct the workplace of the future. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Workspace”]Image courtesy of Taduuda on Unsplash[/featured-image] In the 1950’s, the open plan was truly an open plan. Steel desks laid out in rows with no […]

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How To Use Email Signatures to Save You Time

Email governs our lives these days. It is not uncommon for people to get 100 plus email messages per day. Email signatures might be the answer to your email woes. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Computer”]Image courtesy of ‘Glenn Carstens-Peters’ on Unsplash[/featured-image] A manager I know did a study on his email for last year. He had over […]

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How to Benefit from New Alternative Workspaces

Remote Working Environment

Remote working has evolved for the past several years or even a decade ago. Today, we have virtual teams spread out all over the world. Businesses can run with Slack, an internet connection, and some great support staff. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]Image courtesy of Crew on Unsplash[/featured-image] Assistants no longer have to be right outside your door, rather […]

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How to Combat Distraction in the Workplace

Work in a Coffee Shop

Workplace distraction is a growing problem for companies today. In fact, companies are struggling to help employees of all generations deal with these changing conditions. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Work in a Coffee Shop”]Image courtesy of Tim Gouw on Unsplash[/featured-image] The problem is, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, there are many solutions to the issues. Do […]

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Lack Of Focus In The Workplace Is Growing

Focus on Work

Have you ever considered the type of work environment where you thrive? Do you need a quiet space to work, think and operate within or can you sit at a Starbucks to get it all done? [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Focus on Work”]Image courtesy of Juliette Leufke on Unsplash[/featured-image] As work environments move towards more community-based style, an […]

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How to Make Journaling Part of Your Life

Coffee and Notebook

When you think of journaling, what comes to your mind? Journaling has evolved over the years. The creator of The Five Minute Journal has been journaling since he was fourteen or fifteen years old. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Coffee and Notebook”] The days of the diary still exist but in different forms. Developing a journaling habit must […]

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