How To Use Email Signatures to Save You Time

Email governs our lives these days. It is not uncommon for people to get 100 plus email messages per day. Email signatures might be the answer to your email woes.

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A manager I know did a study on his email for last year. He had over 50,000 emails that arrived in his inbox. Fifty thousand!

Each day we process tens, maybe hundreds, of email messages. Sometimes it may feel like that is all we do. Being efficient in our email processing includes using email templates or signatures.

There are some third party tools such as Textexpander, Typinator and Keyboard Maestro that can help with this processing. However, if you work for a company with strict IT policies, you might not be able to use them.

4 Benefits of Email Automation

When speed is the name of the game and your time is limited, these four benefits of email signatures will help you process your email quickly.

  1. Automate Repetitive Messages – we tend to write the same email reply multiple times. If you find yourself repeating a message, then you should automate your response.

These messages can take the form of quick email replies for passing along financial information such as purchase order information, move instructions or customer support responses.

The key is to identify the most common repetitive messages you send, set them up once, and re-use them. These emails should be warm in their response while conveying the necessary information. This automation step will allow you to get through as many messages as possible.

  1. Create Custom Situational Messaging – one message does not fit all, so you need to create a custom message for each type of response you write.

For example, let’s say you are a customer support person who sends information to customers about a chair they purchased.

You can automate that response like the following:

Product Template Signature - MS Outlook

Insert Signature - MS Outlook

Email Signature - MS Outlook

Just change the template items in the parenthesis and send the email out. I chose Microsoft Outlook, but this method will work in Apple Mail, Airmail or similar email programs.

It’s straightforward and easy to set up, and you can control the messaging every single time.

  1. Saves Time – by creating these stock messages, you can process your email more quickly and get back to doing other things. For my day job, I have set up approximately 25 email signatures. It has saved me a ton of time, and I don’t have to keep asking my procurement person for the same PO number.
  1. Points people to where they can find you (social media/web) – the most common email template or signature is the one at the end of every email you send.

It can be as simple as:

Simple Signature - MS Outlook

Simple Email - MS Outlook

Or it can have all my contact information like my work one is set up.

Contact Info - MS Outlook

Email Contact Info Sig - MS Outlook

At my day job, I have two email signatures created – one for company colleagues and one for business partners outside of the enterprise. However, you set it up, make sure it works for you.

Software tools may call it an email signature, but that doesn't mean it has to be how you sign emails. Be creative with your signatures – you will be glad you did when you are walking out of the office at a regular time.

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