The 3 Most Powerful Goals I Establish Every Year

A little over six weeks ago, the new year began and with it, our goals kicked into overdrive. For me, I have been working on some goals faster than others, but I remain steadfast.

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When I reviewed my goals this past week, I realized there were some goals that I instinctively set, but do not appear on any goal sheet I use. This is because they have become habit goals.

Michael Hyatt shares there are two types of goals: habit and outcome goals. Most of us set outcome goals each year with a clearly identified achievement date.

Habit goals have a start date, but no end date. These goals are established over a period until they become second nature.

Each year, I establish three powerful goals that never show up on my annual goal list but do show up in my everyday life.

My 3 Power Goals

  1. Financial Giving Goal – I determine before the year begins the percentage amount I will give to charities. I am a natural giver, so it is a little easier for me, but if you are just starting out, use 10% of your gross income amount as a guide.

This goal is not set to maximize my tax deductions (although, that is a side benefit). It is about my heart attitude and wanting to make a difference in the world around me.

For me, this is the first goal I set every year, and I break it down into two categories: local church giving and special giving. For me, giving to my local church is the most important (and first) check I write each time I get paid.

To help me stay on track with my giving goal, I use tools like EveryDollar, Mint, and ItsDeductible – each of these tools give me a snapshot of my finances and where my money is going on a percentage basis.

To help me stay on track with my heart attitude towards giving, I use tools like Evernote and DayOne to journal my thoughts.

How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley is an excellent resource for cultivating a heart of giving.

If you would like to see the charities I support, you can check them out on my resources page near the bottom.

  1. Read Through the Bible in One Year – Three years ago, I restarted this goal. It had been twenty plus years since I had read through the entire Bible on a consistent basis. This habit is one of the best decisions I made. Each morning as I am getting ready, I open up my Bible App on my phone and select my reading plan.

This practice is a wonderful way to set the day up for success. This year, I am going through the Blended plan which is a mix of Old and New Testament passages.

The tool I use for keeping me on track is YouVersion. It is developed and maintained by the great team at Life.Church.

Each year, I select a new reading plan from the list of hundreds, and I begin the year afresh.

  1. Reading Goal – At the outset, I determine how many books I want to read in the coming year. Last year, I read 81 books on a variety of topics including business, psychology, history, biography/autobiography, sports, and fiction.

This year my reading goal is 80 books.

So far, I have read 12 books. I usually read or listen 2-3 books simultanouesly depending on my learning objectives; however, I consistently try to pair a fiction book with a non-fiction book. It's been proven that reading helps slow the effects of dementia and Altzeihmer's.

[callout]Exclusive Download Content: You can download my 2015 reading list here.[/callout]

I use a variety of tools to help me track my books including Goodreads, Audible, and Microsoft Word.

These days I listen to more books then I read (physical or Kindle) because I am usually on the road. Reading is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp and contribute interesting facts to conversations.

Our goals drive us to change, become better people and make a difference in the lives of the people we meet along our journey. Now, it's your turn. Take some time to reflect and answer the question below.

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