3 Ways to Kick Fear to the Curb

Fear – it can be debilitating. It can hold you back, and it can kill your momentum.

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This Friday, I head to Chicago for the half marathon. This goal has been on my list for about six months.

Over the past eleven months, I have been on an epic journey. Nearly one year ago, I completed my first half marathon. I did not do any training for it (which I don’t recommend), and it was an incredible mental battle just to complete the race.

Why Is This Important?

Fear reared its ugly head, and I began to stress about the race on Sunday. This is my first race that will have a “pace per mile” that I will have to adhere to.

I have been doing a lot of training for this race…in fact, more than any other race. I have logged longer miles and felt better than I have felt in a long time, and I have dropped almost 20 pounds.

So…why all the fear and trepidation?


I have started to doubt myself and my training. Doubt is a very real thing. We encounter in sports and in business.

3 Ways To Kick Fear and Doubt to the Curb

  1. Get Out of Your Own Way – whether you doubt your abilities in your job or another area, the first major hurdle is to get out of your own way. Our head can be our own worst enemy. I know that when I doubt myself all kinds of scenarios run through my head.

For example,

I haven’t trained enough so I’m not going to make the finish line.

I can’t get the timing right on that presentation, so I’m not good enough to be presenting.

Why am in this class, I’m not smart enough.

And the list continues. We need to separate ourselves from the “limiting beliefs” our brain is telling us and kick them to the curb.

  1. Visualize Success – when I was coaching high school cross country, one of the core parts our training had nothing to do with the miles we logged. It had everything to do with what was happening between our ears. We would dedicate between two and three hours per week to visualization exercises.

During these exercises, we focused on their training, their form, what the course looked like, etc. These exercises always focused on executing the best performance possible.

In our business and jobs, what would your best performance look like? Visualize it and own it.

For my upcoming race, I am taking the time to visualize my success and most importantly visualizing myself crossing the finish line at my goal time.

  1.  Conquer Your Fear and Do It – once you have gotten out of your way, go out and do what you set out to do. I have heard it said that you need to face your fear and then conquer it.

For some, that could be facing a fear of heights or in my case, crushing the Chicago Half Marathon. So many things can crop up in our pursuit of a goal that we just can’t face it and then we back out and kick ourselves for not even trying.

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Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Fear has a way of stopping us from achieving our deepest dreams. Yes, it will be scary when you attempt something big, but the reward is fantastic!

The journey will be sweeter because you conquered your fear. I promise you, when you look back on your experience, you might remember the fear, but you will remember the victory all the more.

If you are a person of faith, one of the best things you can do is acknowledge the fear and then lay it down.

Give the fear to God. Be brutally honest about how you are feeling – He already knows. When you acknowledge out loud your fear, you are releasing it to Him. It doesn’t mean the journey will easy or pain-free, but He will carry you through it.

Today, leave your fear and doubts behind by getting out of your own way, visualizing success and conquering your fears by doing it.

I say these words to myself as much as I say them to you.

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