I am one week and a few days past my fortieth birthday, and over the past several weeks I have been sharing my life's adventures. I am blessed to have experienced so much. My biggest wish is that my back forty will be better than the first forty years.

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To help make that dream a reality, I want to share the new direction for my life and this blog.

My Passion

I believe,

Every business leader should create an engaging workplace because employees will be happier, healthier and more productive while making your business more profitable.

My passion is to help business leaders understand that their workplace environment can contribute to the success of their company.

What Does This Look Like?

For years, I have studied and implemented workplace designs that meet the status quo and challenge our perceptions of what the workplace can be. Whether you are a leader of a Fortune 500 company or a solopreneur, every single person can have a workplace environment that helps them perform at their best.

Understanding your workstyle is important to crack the workplace code. For me, I thrive in environments that are open and collaborative in nature. For others, you may thrive in environments that are controlled and quiet. As much as the corporate world has tried to create a one-size-fits-all environment, research suggests that various types of spaces can co-exist to provide multiple solutions for multiple workstyles.

You might be thinking, that's great Dave, but I work at home – how can that help me?

Think of it this way, homes are created with variety in mind. The kitchen is different than the bedroom that is different than your office, and so on.

Our minds crave diversity. It helps us generate new ideas. This is the same for our working environments. When you understand your primary workstyle (and the workstyles of your employees), you can begin to create environments that maximize your productivity.

Recommendations, Inspiration, and Tips

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing new content to help guide your workplace journey. Here's what you can expect:

  • Monday – Quote of the Week
  • Tuesday – New Post
  • Wednesday – Book Recommendation
  • Thursday – Tip of the Week
  • Friday – Friday Focus

Each Tuesday and Friday, the new posts will be published on the blog and will reach your email inboxes. The quotes, books, and tips will be published directly on the website.

I love research and I love thinking strategically about the workplace. Startups and large corporations often give birth to new ideas, but there is always something that we can use in our home offices or small businesses.


I love learning, in fact, I'm kind of a geek. I also love helping people. I believe, we can all learn from each other, and I want to create a community that embraces learning and helps organizations of all sizes be productive. Let's start a conversation.

I look forward to serving you and helping you create a productive and profitable workplace.

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I am an author, blogger, and workplace strategist helping people live life with focus and purpose while being a few steps ahead on the journey.

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