40 for 40: Day 8

As much as we might want to run from our past experiences, they help define our present and our future. Some experiences lead to new careers, new friendships and passions revealed.

At seventeen, I embraced the unknown and walked clumsily into the adventure. Years later, I can clearly see the experiences that shaped my life then and now.

John Wooden said, “I like to spend time in the past, with the things that have been important to me.”

This 40-day journey embraces the very essence of this quote. Each day we are creating new memories, new experiences and one day we will look back on today just as we are looking back on the previous years.

Reflection on Life Change – Journal Entry

Travel Journal 1

Hanging Out In Corrie Ten Boom's Wall

Ten Boom Wall

During our trip to Holland, we stopped by Corrie Ten Boom's house (now a museum) and stepped inside a wall that was used to hide Jews during the Nazi Holocaust. An unbelievable and moving experience to stand where so many stood before me – lives changed and saved because of this family.

I love this quote from Corrie that captures the essence of my journey to celebrate the past and blaze a new future:

“This is what the past is for! Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.” 

Loading a 747 in Amsterdam – Journal Entry

Airport Journal 1

Airport Journal 2

Airport Journal 3

Airport 4

I love the airport. My parents would take me to the airport all the time for fun growing up. I would stare out the window at all the planes and picture myself cruising the skies to parts unknown.

When we would fly, I would talk to the pilots, get the little wings, and I have even served orange juice with the flight attendants. Although, nothing trumps standing on the tarmac looking up at a 747. 

If selfies were popular in 1993, I guarantee I would have snapped a quick pic and Instagrammed it to everyone I knew. Now, I would settle for one single picture of that event. Oh well, my journal will serve as that snapshot.

Canadian Clumsy Moment – Journal Entry

Clumsy Moment

If you can't laugh at yourself, then you are missing out. Not just once, but twice I ended up on my keister.

It reminds me of this time I was in Pskov, Russia during winter, and I slipped on the ice not just once but twice within a couple of steps. (More to come on my Russian trips).

Canadian TV Show Mixer – Journal Entry

TV Show

Pictures From The Road

Mixin It in Rehearsal

Me Doing Sound


Mixin' It Up – Warm ups and sound checks were an every day existence for me. It takes a lot to keep our group moving and grooving.

Late Night - Ryan and Me

Late nights – Life on the road is not always glamorous. A different host family after each concert. And some days you are wondering what day it is. Do I look tired?

Pre-Concert Worship

Aren't these outfits awesome?! You have to love the 90's. This was our pre-concert prayer and worship time. We would gather before each concert and spend time preparing our hearts for the work God would have us do that night.

Goofing Around

Cut Loose – Sometimes you just have to cut loose and have a good time. We were setting up for our final concert with all the tours at a park in Denver, Colorado.

Setup for Final Concert

So Sad – Tour is coming to an end, and it has been a blast. I was blessed to travel the world, meet some incredible people and share the love of Christ and all before my 18th birthday.

Last Day of Tour - Arnie and Me

Last Night of Tour – Arnie and I sat around the table on our last night of tour. Our goal was to pull an all-nighter (back when I could do that). I think I finally drifted off to dreamland around 4am.

This would not be the last time Arnie I would tour the world together. In fact, here's a preview and our good friend Mia (who was also on this tour) would join us for the next grand adventure.

Sweden-July 4th-Dave and Arnie

Life Changing Adventure

Every life-changing adventure is full of peaks and valleys, triumphs and trials and most of all teachable moments. This adventure had all of them. I chose to share the very best of the moments and even some moments that helped shape my future.

Group Photo

This was my group – U.S. Continentals, Tour A. Here's some stats on our grand adventure:

  • 4 Countries – U.S., Canada, Holland, Kenya
  • 40 States
  • 109 Concerts
  • 3 Months on the Road
  • 3 Bus Breakdowns

Not bad for some summer fun to kick off my 18th birthday! As Scott Wesley Brown famously sang, “Please don't send me to Africa…”.

I am grateful for the journey across the globe, and I would love to go back and revisit all of these places with my camera and create a new story.

[reminder]What grand adventure have you done and would love to repeat? Take a few minutes and jot it down.[/reminder]

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