40 for 40: Day 7

Today, we pick up the story as we wing our way to Africa. I had ever been out of the country, and now I was heading to Kenya, Africa. I couldn't believe it. We had loads of gear that was accompanying us, and I had to forgo my carry on so I could carry the ADAT machine

The ADAT machine was our digital (VHS type tape) brain. It ran all of our musical programmings. It provided the click track for the drums, the extra stuff like horns and keys and all that goodness that makes us sound like we have a gigantic band.

Africa Bound – Journal Entry

Africa Journal Entry

Kesleigh and I Sleeping

Hey what can I say – it was a long flight to Kenya. I remember when we landed in Tanzania, I looked out the window and was surprised to see armed military with machine guns watching over our plane. That's when it hit me we were in a different place.

A Traveler's Nightmare – Journal Entry

Journal Entry 2

It's hard to imagine, really that someone's arm can fit through a tiny opening in a window and pull a purse out right in front of all of us. In Kenya, if you yell “thief” the natives chase down the thief and then beat them or even kill them.

Some of our local contacts had an upfront view when someone got thrown on the hood of their car.

Weaving the Tapestry of Life

We were blessed to be staying at a game reserve in Nakura, Kenya. Along the way, we passed zebra, gazelle, and antelope. It was unbelievable – they were right there, you could reach out and touch them – not recommended!

The next day we were going to be visiting World Vision projects all over the surrounding area. It was hard for me to reconcile what I was seeing and where I lived every day. This is where my love for global missions was born.

Head and Heart Collide – Journal Entry

Journal Entry 3

At 17, here is what's so interesting.  Two separate and entirely different stories were being woven on this trip. One is creative and would impact my future missions adventures. And the second will be revealed shortly. I saw the latter, but I did not see the former.

Today, I love to weave a story from pictures and experiences. I wish I knew then what I know now because I would be able to tell a better story. It would be another 15 years before I would bring pictures and story to life again. But this time I would have a mentor.

Pictures from the Road

Masi Mara


Here is what 3.5 million flamingo's look like – it's breathtaking in person!



There were two things I wanted to see in Kenya; one is in today's header, and the other was a lion. There she was just chilling on the side the road watching us pass.

She looks so peaceful, doesn't she?

Well…we came upon a zebra who didn't think she was so sweet and docile. (I will spare you those pictures). Let's just say ribs were on the menu for several lions that day!


While in Kenya, we visited several World Vision projects and several schools.

Schools offer hope and a chance to change their future. They can become entrepreneurs and provide for their families.

I met this young man during the trip. I wasn't much older than him.
Me and African Boy

A Tapestry Revealed 14 Years Later

I like to look at my life like a tapestry that is woven together using different stories to create a beautiful masterpiece. Our lives tell a story.

I firmly believe that God weaves together bits and pieces of our experiences that when viewed independently we don't see how it all fits, but when we step back, we see the whole picture. 

In 2001, I joined the Facilities Department of a major aerospace company. It seemed like a great fit, and I will share more on my role in the coming days, but for now, here is where my picture is revealed.

Over breakfast one day with my boss Zee, we were chatting about all the places we had traveled. He shared how he grew up in Kenya and later worked all over the Rift Valley and the Masai Mara region. I shared how I had been to Kenya when I was seventeen. I told him that we stayed in this lodge near the Masai Mara. 

He said I know that lodge well – I helped build it.

And that is how God works. He weaves a tapestry so amazing that it takes years to reveal. If you were to pull one thread from the tapestry, you would find that the thread has a story written on it. That thread would lead me to a future career with a man who built the place where I stayed as a young man. 

Once again, this was one of those defining moments where you can see God's hand all throughout the story. I am always amazed at the power of God and the power of story.

[reminder]You are a tapestry – a masterpiece – what connecting threads show you the whole picture? I encourage you to write them down so you can see your story revealed.[/reminder]

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