Book Review: How to Be Rich by Andy Stanley

According to research, if you earn more than $48,000 per year…you are RICH. In fact, you are part of the 1% club. That’s right, you are in the top 1% of wage earners in the entire world!

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We have been disallusioned by the idea that we are not rich. The world tells us that being rich is more than what we currently have. If we make $40,000 per year, someone who is rich makes $80,000.  It is a viscious cycle of misunderstanding the concept of being rich.

Learn How To Be Rich

Be Rich Book Video

In How to Be Rich, Andy Stanley shares the fundamental principles of genersity with each of us.  He reminds each of us that we are already rich.  We quickly forget that we are rich.  We think, and say, someone else is rich because they have “x” dollars more than us.

Andy shares a story of an African woman’s interaction with Bill Gates.  When asked if she realized she was talking with one of the richest people in the world, she replied…everyone from the west is rich.  The distinction of rich was not measured in dollar signs, but in geographic location.

Be Rich Changes You

Each year, Andy challenges his own congregation to Be Rich.  The campaign offers three components:

  • Financial – pure money donation
  • Service – donate your time to a charity
  • Food – donate food for a local food bank

To be honest, the numbers are staggering the amount of money that is raised, the food that is received (it is measured in tons) and the hours that are spent serving.

This book challenges the one core belief we do not understand about our wealth, and that is…we are RICH and we need to start acting like it. Andy told his congregation,

[shareable cite=”Andy Stanley” text=”‘We were going to practice being rich so we would be good at it should we ever be so fortunate.' – @AndyStanley”]We were going to practice being rich so we would be good at it should we ever be so fortunate.[/shareable]

Here’s the deal, this book is about learning how blessed we are and how we can bless other people. Here are some notable ideas from the book:

  • “We can never be too rich or too thin. – each one can have disastrous results if left unchecked
  • “We’re so absorbed in the effort to get rich, we no longer recognize when we are rich.”
  • “Guilt rarely results in positive behavior. But gratitude? Great things flow from a heart of gratitude.”
  • Rich is roughly defined as double what you currently reported in a Gallup survey”.
  • Our desire seems to be to always have more, because we never think we have enough.
  • “Studies show that the richer people get, the smaller the percentage of money they give away.”
  • “People who are good at being rich are the ones who are willing to admit they are, in fact, rich.”

3 Takeaways You Can Apply Today

  1. Practice Being Generous By Starting Small – you cannot expect to change your behavior overnight, but you can move the needle in a different direction. Start by taking someone to lunch or giving a small donation to a charity of your choice.
  1. Remind Yourself You Are Rich – be thankful for the blessings you have each and everyday.  For some it might be a car or a cell phone.  For others, it might be a bike or clean water. Write a note and stick somewhere where you will see it every day. The note can be simple – I am rich! or Am I acting rich today?
  1. Start a Conversation around the Principle of Being Rich – chances are, if you had a problem with recognizing you were rich, others are having that same issue. You can bring change to their lives simply by starting a conversation.

Blessed By the Be Rich Campaign & Blessed to Participate in the Be Rich Campaign

Throughout the book, Andy shares the journey of his own church’s journey to understanding their own “richness” and the blessing that comes from giving to others.

For the past several years, I have particpated in North Point’s Be Rich campaign.  I love what they do. I love their hearts and I love that they are blessing people and organizations who need help.  Even now, I get choked up.  We are so incredibly blessed with the resources we have, and for me, I want my life to be more than amassing great wealth.

This video shows the principles of this book in action.

2014 Be Rich Campaign Highlights Video


I hope your heart will expand as you learn, understand and apply the Be Rich information.

Question: What one takeaway will you apply in the next two weeks? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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