3 Simple Lessons The Seahawks Teach You About Winning

Screenwriters could not have scripted Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks any better than what real-life wrote.  The Seahawks staged a stunning comeback in the fourth quarter to tie the game and leave Packers wondering what happened.

Just three minutes and some change into overtime, Russell Wilson threw the game-winning pass to Jermaine Kearse to stage one of the game’s most exciting comebacks in recent years.

The story ends with triumph by the Seahawks, but the game began with several miscues including four interceptions – the most by Wilson in any game this season.

How to Win in Life

In this narrative, each of us can learn three valuable lessons for winning in the game of life. They are:

  1. Forget the Mistakes – life is short to hang on to all the mistakes you make.  Russell Wilson threw four interceptions in the game on Sunday. If he allowed himself to be reminded of his mistakes, he would have imploded; however, he set aside each interception, refocused and came out ready to win.Warren Bennis says, “A mistake is simply another way of doing things.” It might not be the way we want to something, but it is another way.  Our response to failures and mistakes matter…it can define us or it can refine us. Which do you want?

Action Step: Keep short records of your mistakes. Learn from it and then forget it! 

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  1. Lead by Example – after each interception Russell Wilson reviewed his error and proceeded to change his behavior.  After the final interception, he walked over to his teammates and implored them to continue the fight, the game was not over. He asked his teammates to trust him…to continue to put their faith in him.After that moment, the game turned around and the rest was history. Wilson did not curl up in a corner and say the game was over. He took responsibility, asked his team for help and asked them to be great. His teammates saw his leadership and followed suit.

Action Step: What do your actions say about your leadership in times of stress or crisis?

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  1. How You Finish Matters – the game isn’t over until its over. Some lesser teams might have given up after being down nearly twenty points late in the game, but Seahawks did not give up. If they were going down, they were going down swinging.Lately, it seems, I know too many people who are getting their pink slips and it isn’t easy to exit and it’s even harder to exit gracefully. There are feelings of bitterness and misunderstanding along with a host of other emotions, but how we finish matters.Do you play all the way to the end or do you end the game when you want to end it? The Seahawks played all the way to the end and won the game. We may not always win the game, but people will remember how you finished. You don’t need to burn bridges to get your point across, you need to be gracious in victory and defeat.

Action Step: Finish what you started whether you win or lose.

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It may be difficult to apply these lessons based on where you are in life right now, and that’s fine. I want to challenge you to think about these lessons, work through them emotionally and strive to put one action into practice in the next month. Let the Seahawks guide you to a personal victory this month.

Question: What lesson do you need to work on this month? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Featured Image Photo Credit: melopix via Compfight cc

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