The Platform Conference Changed My Life

It feels like yesterday when I arrived in Colorado Springs for the Platform Conference, but alas…it’s over.  I got everything out of the Platform Conference that I hoped for and more.

I had one big question I needed to answer while attending the conference.  It was…

What is my value proposition and blog slogan?

My current brand slogan focuses on “Pursuing a Balanced Life”.  Well…I do live a busy life.  I do have many spinning plates in the air. I do tend to say “yes” too much.  So it must be the right direction, right?  Hmmm….

I needed clarity on where I wanted to go, and before I can really move forward, I needed to answer that question.

Good News!

I was able to answer the question and it is really resonating with me. It strengthens my passion for storytelling and my drive to shape our future. Do you want to know what it is…

Here it is…

Living Life on Purpose

You might recognize this from my Y39 Project that I am embarking on this year.  For too many years, I have sat by the wayside working until I’m dead and watching life move by.  Not any more. I am doubling down on focus and intention.  I want to create more margin so that I can have greater impact.

Platform Conference Moments

Here are some highlights of all that I learned during my brief two days at the conference.

Platform Takeaways

  • Set goals for my platform – how many email subscribers do I want to add and by when, how many posts do I want to write this year, when am I getting that photo shoot for new headshot, and the list goes on and on (Michael Hyatt)
  • Pick one social media channel and go deep – get laser focused on one social media channel and add value in that space. (Michael Hyatt)
  • What would a platform Make Possible for Me? – who can I influence in my space, what possiblities would this open up, how could I have a great impact in my community and even the world.  These are all questions I am wrestling with right now. (Michael Hyatt)
  • “Stop Dabbling, Start Dominating”Casey Graham – inspired us to get laser focused on our mission and purpose, and work everyday to make this a reality.
  • Add speaking to your platform building repertoire – no matter what focus you have (blogger, podcaster, etc), speaking will help you get the word out about you, your brand, your business, your passion. (Ken Davis)
  • Be Passionate – do what you love everyday, so it never feels like you are working (Ken Davis)
  • You Have A Message that Can Change the World – what would happen if you never got your message out? Then the world would be missing out on what you have to say and it could change the world.  You never know who you are touching with your message. (Cliff Ravenscraft)
  • Secret to Success – work really, really, really hard (Crystal Paine)
  • Stop Lying to Yourself – you need to start, you do have the time, and YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.  (Crystal Paine)
  • Struggle is Good – if its worth struggling for than it is worth doing (Amy Porterfield)
  • Selling is not Bad – you need to get over the internal struggle you have with yourself, because you have message that is worth sharing. (Ray Edwards)
  • Captivate with Powerful Stories – stories relate to people and help create instant connections.  It says we are human.  We are human, right?! Don’t be afraid to share. (Ray Edwards)
  • Move your Casual Audience to Raving Fans – deliver great content, get to know your audience (what’s good and where they are struggling). (Pat Flynn)
  • Create Memorable Moments – don’t just deliver, deliver beyond their expectations and surprise them once and awhile.  Your audience will appreciate it and know that you care! (Pat Flynn)
  • Defeat the Enemy of Urgent by Automating, Delegating and Deleting – to gain margin in your life for the things and people that mean the most to you, you have to defeat the urgent enemy. (Stu McLaren)
  • “The More Money You Make the More Impact You Can Have” – Stu McLaren – it’s not a bad thing to want to make more money. Decide how you will steward the money to have the greatest impact possible. (Stu McLaren)
  • 3 Truths to Remember – (1) You have a Name, (2) You have a Purpose and (3) You have a Place — sometimes we can feel isolated and alone and we don’t really have a message to give.  The truth is we do have something to say, and it needs to be heard.  If you don’t say it, who will? (Michelle Cushatt)

People I Met

I met Susan who adopted four kids from Russia.  And, Rick who coaches entrepreneurs and is looking to make a change.  I met Clint who helps save teen lives by texting and chatting with them on a crisis hotline.

I met Danielle, Eric and Dennis from The Navigators – we dined and chatted about life. I had lunch with a former Stanford Business School Professor who helps medium sized business execute strategy.

I shared with Ray Edwards how his journey to cutting things out in 2015 was an inspiration to me.

I thanked Pat Flynn for the idea of starting my book club and even got my picture with him, and countless others.

Pat Flynn and Me

Each of us shared our stories and our struggles, and offered suggestions for overcoming.

I Proved This White Boy Can’t Dance

Funny story… Michelle Cushatt, the host of the Platform Conference, loves to give away free stuff and who doesn’t love to get free stuff, right. Well, one catch, if you win…you have to be super excited. I mean like Price is Right excited!

So…I got up early, took a few pics of the snow (in the snow…brrrr!) and then made my way to the conference.  On my way, I tweeted a pic of the morning panorama.  Guess what? I won the morning prize (not sure if the two were connected). I got these awesome autographed books.

Picture of books

So…I did what any good Price is Right contestant would do…I went crazy.

Michelle would not give me the books until I did a little dance on stage, so that’s what I did and proved to the whole conference (all 205 people) that this white boy can’t dance.  Funny thing, though, lots of people stopped me in the hall and loved my dance.  Hmmm…I guess it’s good that I can have a little fun with it.

This conference was the best birthday gift I could have received. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Over the course of the next few months, I will be making some changes to my focus and my site, and I will share the “why” of what is happening as well as ask for your thoughts.

Question: Is there a message you are dying to share, but are scared to share it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “The Platform Conference Changed My Life

  1. Don’t sell yourself short, Dave—you had the moves! And you have the books to prove it.

    It’s great that you got such clarity on the path forward. Have fun applying what you’ve learned!

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