3 Reasons You Should Write Thank You Notes

For years, I have been writing notes and cards to people who may need encouragement or I want to convey thanks for their help.  As my career has progressed, I have found value in writing thank you notes to tell them how grateful I am for their help.

Writing hand-written thank you notes does come easy for some people; however, you can learn this rare art form.

[Tweet “”A thank you note is not a 5,000 word essay, it's a message from the heart.” — Dave Anthold”]

Why Hand-Write When You Can Email?

Here are three reasons why you should spend a few extra minutes writing out a note by hand versus dropping them an email:

  1. It’s Personal – a hand-written note shows the recipient there kind gesture was important to you. In our crazy busy lives, email is the conventional mode of communication. When you receive a note that is hand-written there is an instant connection that endears you to the recipient. It shows care. Taking a few minutes to write a note shows them how much you appreciate them.
  1. It’s Unusual – if you want to stand out in a crowd, write your next thank you note. Email might be the norm, but today is a day to be different. Hand-written gestures are memorable because there are less of them.
  1. It’s Refrigerator Worthy – I don’t remember the last time I saw an email on my refrigerator. Our refrigerators are typically littered with memories and our most important items. When we think what makes the refrigerator hall of fame, it is usually not an email but pictures of family and friends, goals achieved, invitations and hand-written gestures. Thank you notes, when it is unexpected, it can make your day, week or even your year.

[Tweet “”Thank you notes are a lost art form.” — Dave Anthold”]

We are so quick to say thanks, but rarely do we spend time to drop that person a note of thanks. In your business or job, take time to drop someone a thank you note and tell them how much you appreciated their help.

Getting Started

A thank you note is not a 5,000 word essay, it is what is in your heart.  You are simply conveying how appreciative you are for their kindness.  Here's a few examples of thank you notes:

[alert type=”success, info, warning, danger, muted” close=”true”] Dear Sally,

Thank you for spending a few minutes to walk me through the new accounting system.  Your help will save me hours of struggling.  Once again, thanks so much – I really appreciate it.

Thanks, Dave [/alert]

[alert type=”success, info, warning, danger, muted” close=”true”] Dear Jim,

It was great to catch up the other day.  Thank you for your help on getting the new carpet installed in the church.  It looks fantastic and I know our folks will love it.  Once again, thanks for sharing your talent with the church body.

Blessings, Dave  [/alert]

[alert type=”success, info, warning, danger, muted” close=”true”] Dear Tim,

Thanks so much for your old textbooks.  These are a real gift and come at just the right time.  I can't believe they are still using these textbooks :)!  Thanks again – I am so appreciative!

All the best,


Story of Success

Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, shared a story of how a simple thank you note led him to take a chance on a prospective student. He ascertained that if this young student took time to write a thank you note for something as simple as a campus tour then she might be exactly what the university was looking for. This young student went on to be highly successful in the field of Computer Science…and it all started with a thank you note.

Thank you notes don’t take hours to write…it only takes a few minutes to say thanks. It will take you longer to remember where you put your stamps then it will take to write the note. The next time you have the opportunity to say thanks, do it in your own hand-writing…it will mean the world to the recipient.

Question: When was the last time you received a hand-written thank you note? When was the last time you sent one? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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