Michele Cushatt shares her journey through her third bout of tongue cancer. She and Michael Hyatt share eight ideas to help you walk alongside others who are struggling through life's challenges.

Yesterday, I shared Michelle's book Undone with you. Michelle is a lover and a fighter. I have met Michelle and she is a dynamic and strong individual. This podcast picks up where yesterday's book post left off.

This podcast is a wonderful expression of triumph over tragedy, and learning to walk alongside others who need you most.

Marriages are being challenged each and every day. Michael Hyatt shares four ways you can affair proof your marriage. Even as a single guy (and someone who desires to get married), I found this podcast episode incredibly helpful and it made me think about how I would prepare for the future.

This is an episode that every leader (business, non-profit, parachurch, church, etc) should listen to.

Creating a sustainable future is at the forefront of the climate change discussion. As a Facilities Planner, I have the ability to design spaces that look great and provide for a sustainable future.

Interface® carpet is working with villagers in the Philippines to recycle their old fishing nets and turn them into carpet that we can use in our commercial buildings and schools. It's called Net Effect™. This is a powerful video.

We have used this carpet in several projects at my work – you won't be disappointed with the product. It's also a great talking point with your executives and employees.

This week, I am in Austin, Texas for the USBLN Conference. This conference provides focused attention and education for helping companies expand, grow and leverage people with disABILITIES.

My eyes were opened to what companies are doing and how each of us can make a difference in the marketplace.

One such company is Comcast.

Comcast is doing amazing things for helping blind people engage and enjoy movies and television through innovative cable boxes using speech commands. Fantastic – it makes you want to support the company.

Emily is a young, blind girl who loves the movie The Wizard of Oz™. She describes what she sees while watching the film. You can look at the commercial here or above. It was brilliant.

If you want to see the making of this commercial – check out this video. It is amazing.