5 Ways to Fight Eye Strain from Device Usage

Device usage is part of our everyday existence. Whether you are using a computer (desktop/laptop), tablet or phone, your eyes are paying the price for all our time on these devices. According to Sanjiv Gupta, he provides five ways to reduce eye related stress:

  1. Adjust the computer or tablet/phone brightness & contrast to the same settings as your space surroundings. Additionally, move the display to approximately 20-26 inches away from your eyes.
  2. Adjust your keyboard and mouse so that it is slightly below your elbow level. If you are able, you a keyboard tray to help find the proper positioning.
  3. When seated, your knees should be at a 90-degree angle with your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  4. Look away every 20 minutes from your device screen for at least 30-45 seconds. Your eyes will receive a moment of rest and let them re-charge.
  5. Don't forget to blink your eyes frequently. Blinking helps bring much-needed moisture to your eyes. If you wear contact lenses or use bifocals, you may want to consider getting some reading glasses that can give your eyes rest from your contact lenses.

There they are, Sanjiv's tips for reducing eye-strain. You can find more information on computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain here.

Three Secrets to Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance may seem like a myth, but Michael Hyatt shares three secrets to achieving work-life balance. In his weekly podcast, he shares his own struggle with finding and maintaining balance.

He also highlights that tough seasons will come, but you can't stay in them. You have to go through them and exit them. Work-life balance is achievable, but you need to make some strategic decisions for your life.

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