LIFE: It’s Not Just a Board Game!

Do you remember board games?  I would assume you do.  You probably have even played a few of the more popular ones – MonopolyTrivial PursuitSorry.  My family grew up playing board games.  We would play them and have a hoot doing it.  My brother fell in love with board games and amassed a rather large collection that took up half his closet.

For me, there was always one game I loved more than the others.  It was…

LIFE was amazing.  You could live in this make believe world!

Life of Luxury

You could choose a life with or without college.  You could land your dream job just by choosing the right card.  You would spin that white dial and the magic number would always guide you to a happy place (well…most of the time).  You always got married – no gift of singleness in this game.  Kids or no kids – your future rested solely in the hands of the little white dial.  You somehow found time to acquire real estate, take lavish vacations, win game shows and/or singing competitions or get a huge inheritance.  I always loved that one!  Can you say…CHA-CHING!!!

Reality Bites

You had to pay taxes or those student loans if you went to college.  You might lose your job and have to find a less than desirable second career.  You might downsize your home or never be grandparents.  You might take a modest vacation and you might make it all the way through the game of LIFE and have no money at retirement.

New Spin on a Classic

With the birth of the iPad, some of these classic games were being re-made by EA Sports.  I found the new and improved LIFE  game and quickly downloaded it.

Life-iPad Edition Splash Screen

As I played the game, I was struck by how real the game turned out to be.  Just as I remember it, all the joys and pitfalls were still present in the game except it now looked a lot better.  It had more flash!  However, I cannot help but think that our lives still mirror this wonderful game.

As the Wheel Spins…

We hold our breath hoping to land on 7, 8, 9 or 10.  We want to maximize our pay-day's and minimize our losses.  You can now be sued more often in the electronic game which seems to happen more often in life.  We can't wait to get engaged, married (still no singleness gift) and move on with the rest of our lives.  We want to accumulate as much wealth as possible so when we retire, we can live in the Millionaire Estates!

Playing the game was as I remembered it, but I now look at the game with a fresh set of eyes that I want to share with you.  I thought this would make a great blog series (and coincide with The Y39 Project), and so begin our own little game of LIFE.

We will explore:

  • Career or College
  • Singleness vs Married Life
  • Childhood
  • Living Life
  • Wealth Building and Generosity
  • Faith and Politics
  • Mid-Life Crisis or Jubilance
  • The Golden Years
  • Retirement:  The Millionaire Estates or Country-Acres Estates
I might be too young to speak to some of these, but LIFE is about dreaming, living and looking to the future.  I will share my thoughts on these subjects and I would love for you to play the game of LIFE with me.

Question: Did you ever play the Game of LIFE?  What was your favorite board game? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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