How to Benefit from New Alternative Workspaces

3 Benefits of the new "remote" work environment

Remote working has evolved for the past several years or even a decade ago. Today, we have virtual teams spread out all over the world. Businesses can run with Slack, an internet connection, and some great support staff.

Remote Working Environment

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Assistants no longer have to be right outside your door, rather they can be halfway around the world coordinating your business from a laptop.

Remote working certainly has morphed, but it's not just about working in a different time zone; it can also be about working in a different location.

Some people need a quiet place to work while others can work from virtually anywhere. Starbucks has made it easy to build a business from a coffee shop.

In today’s workplace, employees are craving alternative work environments. They want the Starbucks-feel without having to leave their campus.

How to Combat Distraction in the Workplace

Workplace distraction is a growing problem for companies today. In fact, companies are struggling to help employees of all generations deal with these changing conditions.

Work in a Coffee Shop

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The problem is, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, there are many solutions to the issues.

Do you struggle with distractions? Distractions emerge in various forms. They can be:

  • Auditory (phone, hallway conversations, loud talkers)
  • Technological (Facebook, Slack, Twitter, text messages)
  • Visual (somebody walking by)

These distractions pull us out of our “deep work” as Cal Newport says. When we are in our “deep work” state, we are hyper-focused and able to complete more items.

Lack Of Focus In The Workplace Is Growing

Two Triggers to Help You Keep Your Focus

Have you ever considered the type of work environment where you thrive? Do you need a quiet space to work, think and operate within or can you sit at a Starbucks to get it all done?

Focus on Work

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As work environments move towards more community-based style, an important question arises … will you be able to focus in the new environment and get the same amount work done?

Employers are wrestling with this very question.

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