Why the Handwritten Note is Still Powerful Today

4 Reasons to Write (Instead of Type) a Note

Do you remember the feeling you had when you received your first handwritten note in the mail?

Handwritten Note

Image Courtesy of Freddy Castro via Unsplash

I vaguely remember the feeling back then, but I remember how nice it is to return from a trip or rough day, and there is a note waiting for me.

It doesn't happen as much anymore with email and texting, but when you do get that card, it feels special.

In this age of texts and emails, the power of the handwritten note means a lot more.

How to Implement the Gratitude Advantage In Your Life

The 5 Step Plan For Expressing Gratitude

My mother is an excellent model for showcasing thanks and gratitude in everyday life. She sends thank you cards for gifts given, actions taken and just because moments.

When you receive her hand-written card in the mail, you feel her love and appreciation.

How to Implement the Gratitude Advantage In Your Life

These days, I strive to adopt a similar card writing campaign. During a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I picked up a box of hand-crafted note cards.

In the box, was a little booklet containing the story of John Kralik’s journey from ungrateful and life-hating moments to a heart of gratitude.