The Future of the Apple Watch and the Workplace

The Apple Watch revolutionized the way we talk about fitness, think about time, and our wearables. The question is, how could the Apple Watch transform the way we measure our workplaces?

Apple Watch and the Workplace

Image courtesy of Corrine Kutz on Unsplash

When we start thinking of the possibilities of the Apple Watch beyond the health, wellness, and fitness benefits, researchers can see the potential for capturing near real-time data on their workplaces.

Companies, like Humanscale, are thinking about health and wellness as an extension of their furniture and ergonomic products.

Health, wellness, and fitness goals are more than just closing the activity rings; it's about the change in lifestyle that we experience. The data we capture from our wearables is important for our fitness, but it could also help us understand how we navigate through our workplaces.

How To Showcase Your Products with Cover Action Pro

It was about a year and a half ago when I came across Cover Action Pro.

CAP3 Product Shot

Ray Edwards was sharing how he uses this product to create stunning product shots from different angles and with various perspectives.

The tool builds on top of the Adobe Photoshop platform – it's a plugin of sorts.

Over the past year and a half, I have used this product to create toolkit guide covers, magazine covers and the like for work and personal projects.

This week, the creator of Cover Action Pro released an all new version, and it is stunning.