Review: The Unlikely Missionary by Dan King

As part of BlogX, I stumbled upon Dan King (@bibledude) in the forums of the Tentblogger community. Dan's first e-book, The Unlikely Missionary, is a great read and is a great introduction to life on the mission field for someone who has never been on the mission field before.

Jumping over to the book site, I read about his experiences as first-time missionary and the work that God did on his heart. The Unlikely Missionary is a story-driven, first-person narrative outlining his first mission trip outside the United States. He partnered with the Five Talents organization which works to provide micro-financing loans for underdeveloped regions in order for people to obtain a better way of life.

Review: Living Life In the Zone by Kyle Rote, Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew

As I was perusing the Booksneeze site for my next book to review, I selected Living Life In the Zone by Kyle Rote, Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew. I initially selected this book because of its sports references, but as I quickly found out the book contained many references to business, education and the like.

This book takes you on a 40-Day journey to help you find a better version of yourself or to improve in areas where you need to grow.

Review: If My Body Is a Temple, than I Was a Megachurch by Scott Davis

This book was hilarious! I had heard of Mark Lowry and his comedy, but I had never heard of Scott Davis. As part of the review program, I was able to pick up Scott's newest book – If My Body was a Temple, than I was a Megachurch.  Scott walks you through the process of losing a 132 pounds without exercise.

He engages your funny bone as reads the book (and its actually him reading it). I would be driving down the road and he would talk about chicken nuggets and being finger-licking good and rolling his way to a concert, and I was cracking up.

Review: The Stoning of Sally Kern by Sally Kern

I recently picked up The Stoning of Sally Kern by Sally Kern as part of the review program. The title was intriguing, and when I read the description, I wanted to hear what she had to say.

Sally Kern was not your typical Oklahoma State Legislature member. She was a former teacher and a highly conservative believer in Christ. In fact, she ran on those principles and won.

Review: Andes by Andrew S. Gibson

When I first picked up this e-book, Andes by Andrew S. Gibson, you cannot help but notice the iconic shot of Machu Picchu on the cover. I think most people are familiar with these ancient ruins; however, what lies within the pages of this e-book resonates with me.

You might be asking what is so fantastic about this e-book? Well, let me tell you.

For one, the photography is amazing. I don't think Craft & Vision would release an e-book that did not have fantastic photography attached to it. The second, and perhaps, more dear to me was…the storytelling.

Review: Extreme Perspectives by Alexandre Buisse

The Extreme Perspectives e-book by Alexandre Buisse from Craft & Vision is a fantastic collection of images and thoughts covering extreme mountaineering photography. The extreme photography angles displayed provide another dimension in storytelling.

I loved the fact that he included photographs in the e-book that may not fit our current mold of the “perfect” photograph, but explained why they were included.