Lonely Path to No-Where

I happened upon this older woman cutting along a path that bordered the Orthodox Church that I found myself near. Nestled inside the gates of the Orthodox Church grounds in Pskov, Russia – I scanned the horizon for pictures that conveyed the moments that captivated me.

As I walked along the pathways of the church grounds, people had their cameras out taking pictures of the aged brick, the church bells, the cross and the old fortress-like walls. In Pskov, the elderly would approach the priest for a blessing. Sometimes their weary legs would not be able to carry them up the stairs, so they ran to intercept the priest as he was heading for his hourly responsibilities.

Show Me the Summer Missions Highlights

That's right.  The summer missions highlights have arrived.  Yesterday morning at ABF, the team presented a quick update on the four teams that headed overseas.  Here is the presentation that was shown and it covers only the Czech and Pskov teams.  There is no audio of this presentation, but the picture do paint a nice highlight reel.  I hope you enjoy it.

What’s Up!

While we were in Pskov, Russia – I was cruising around the grounds of the Orthodox Church when I came across this fantastic scene.  Will, Dustin and Caleb were sitting on a bench waiting for everyone to finish what they were doing, when they created a hilarious photographic sequence.  Laugh a little — it's funny!

[prophoto type=image_list post_id=3734 images=medium preview=medium]

[This post is part of the Summer Missions Trip 2011 series.]

Picture Story

The picture tally is finally in from my short-term mission trip, and I have compiled over 5,000 pictures and about 15-20 video clips. As I have perused the pictures, some have captured the hearts of people and some…just bring a smile to your face.

From the young girl who screamed with delight as she slid down the Jolly Jumper

to the older child doing the same thing…just makes you want to climb aboard the Jolly Jumper and do the same.

Many pictures were taken and many did not make the cut, but the one's that did, tell the story of our trip. I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and the story behind the photographs.

[This post is part of the Summer Missions Trip 2011 series.]

Day 17: Good-bye’s Are So Hard

**Written in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 23**

This year, I have been incredibly blessed to be able to serve on two separate mission trips. The spring trip (which I dearly love) was all about moving from city-to-city, and country-to-country meeting and encouraging pastors. This summer's trip was about participating in the fruit of the spring trip. It was about serving alongside national pastors who live their ministry day in and day out.

No matter how many times you come to a city…you develop a relationship with each person, each pastor, each child and each team member. When you are living in the same house with your host family or even in the same room with one of your team members, you get to know someone pretty well. You see them at their best. You seem them when they are cranky from lack of sleep. You get a chance to hear their heart and their passion for things in life and in the ministry.

When it comes to saying “Good-bye”, I think we all stink at it. For one week we shared in ministry together. We baked in the morning and afternoon sun. We laughed at our quirky moments. We played volleyball until all hours of the night (because the sun rarely sets in Russia), and we appreciated the laughter that comes from joking around with each other.