6 Podcasts to Strengthen Your Business Foundation

The more I dive into learning, the more I see the value of podcasts as a leader’s secret weapon for leadership development. Last year, I listened to more podcasts than ever before, and it sparked new ideas for building my personal leadership.


John Maxwell said,

Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.

If leadership is influence then one question we must ask ourselves is, what or who is shaping our direction. For me, I choose to surround myself with leaders who are visionary, strategic, outside-the-box thinkers and personal mentors

Additionally, I am influenced by the books and podcasts.

I believe our growth as leaders is never a done deal; we must be continually growing. John Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid.

The Law of the Lid states that our leadership will only grow to the capacity we have. For example, if the ability of a leader is a three (3) or four (4), they may only grow to be a five (5) or six (6).

However, if a leader's capacity is a seven (7) or eight (8), they have the ability to reach a nine (9) or ten (10).

Which leader would you rather be or follow?

How To Use Podcasts to Grow Your Leadership Influence

I was never a big talk radio guy, but for some reason, I have latched on to podcasts.

Podcast Headphones

In recent years, podcasts such as NPR and Serial have drawn folks into the podcasting world.

John Lee Dumas of EOFire.com shares how he got his start podcasting by listening to some of the first podcasts while driving.

The smartphone has made it easier than ever for us to consume knowledge and learn virtually any topic.

I discovered podcasts, and I haven’t looked back. I currently listen to between five and ten podcasts per week on a variety of subjects.

One of the things I love about podcasts is that you can listen to an Apple podcast followed by a Disney one and finish it up with expanding your leadership capacity. It is unbelievable what we have at our fingertips.

Marriages are being challenged each and every day. Michael Hyatt shares four ways you can affair proof your marriage. Even as a single guy (and someone who desires to get married), I found this podcast episode incredibly helpful and it made me think about how I would prepare for the future.

This is an episode that every leader (business, non-profit, parachurch, church, etc) should listen to.

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions (Center Street, 2014)

John Maxwell, leadership expert and author, shares the one vital skill that every leader must embrace and learn. It is the art of asking great questions. Questions can reveal problem areas or unlock key findings that result in big business gains. John shares one of the most powerful questions we can ask is “why”. When you exhaust all the “why's”, you are at the root of what you are trying to learn.

One of the best parts of the book is all the questions that were compiled from readers and leaders. John breaks down each question and provides meaningful and actionable answers. Each question is designed to help you grow as a leader.

If you want to increase your leadership, the best approach is to learn the art of asking great questions.