How Research Can Help Solve Facility Issues

The workplace is primed for researchers to explore employee behavior and generations in response to their physical environment. However, the struggle is determining what type of research will be most beneficial and how to implement the research findings into the workplace.

Facility Issues and Frustration

Image courtesy of Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Facilities professionals are concerned with three areas:

  • Employee demographic & work style preference
  • Facility function

Business leaders want to know how to maximize employee productivity while balancing their employee's work and life commitments.

Constructing the Cold War Environment

Constructing the Cold War Environment (, 2009)

Michael Kubo delivers an information packed book on the architectural history of the RAND Corporation's headquarters building in Santa Monica, California. The RAND Corporation was and is one of the premier think tanks in the nation and world. They advise leaders in all types of industry's as well as the government. During the Cold War, they provided strategic advice to our nation's military commanders.

During the early 1950's, RAND was poised to begin construction on a new building. J.D. Williams advised leadership that the building should include an open courtyard where researchers could “intentionally” run into each other to foster collaboration and idea sharing. Today, this is part of the corporate space planning process, but back then this was a revolutionary concept.

Michael takes a deep dive approach to interior architecture and the role these breakthrough ideas had on architecture and at the RAND Corporation. If you love architecture or history, you will enjoy this book. This book is one of my all-time favorites!

Creating a sustainable future is at the forefront of the climate change discussion. As a Facilities Planner, I have the ability to design spaces that look great and provide for a sustainable future.

Interface® carpet is working with villagers in the Philippines to recycle their old fishing nets and turn them into carpet that we can use in our commercial buildings and schools. It's called Net Effect™. This is a powerful video.

We have used this carpet in several projects at my work – you won't be disappointed with the product. It's also a great talking point with your executives and employees.

Jake Barton shares his experiences in crafting the media of the 9/11 museum in New York City. He shares how they wrote a custom algorithm to crowdsource video, text and audio of that tragic day.

I found this fascinating and sought to find ways to build new media into new spaces at work that can take people on a journey. This new type of experience could be extremely powerful in helping customers connect with your brand or experience. I encourage you to check out this short video.