[Book] Living Forward

Living Forward (Baker Books, 2016)

Living Forward is your answer to stop drift in your life and reverse your course to find meaning and purpose in your life. Michael and Daniel guide you in understanding and developing your life plan. Your life plan starts with developing your eulogy and ends with a passionate pursuit of the things that matter most.

This book will walk you through:

  • Writing your eulogy – how you want to be remembered
  • Creating a framework for living
  • Using your new framework for responding to unexpected “asks.”
  • And much more…

If you have ever thought about how you want to be remembered by your friends and family or wonder if you are making a lasting impression on those closest to you, then this is the book for you.

I plan to write my eulogy during my upcoming vacation. I will share more thoughts on the book and my process of working my life plan in a future article.

I believe this book will change your life, and your future – don't wait until later to consider these things.

Act today and live the life you were meant to live!

[Book Cover]: Smart Money, Smart Kids

Smart Money, Smart Kids (Ramsey Press, 2014)

Dave Ramsey, known for hard-hitting financial advice on his radio show and in publications such as The Total Money Makeoverand now he joins forces with his daughter Rachel Cruze to bring us a book that can help every family win the financial battle.

Whether you are single or seasoned parents, there is something in this book for you. I have read numerous books from Dave Ramsey (and listened to his show), but this was the first book that shows you how to give your children solid financial footing starting as early as age three.

Dave Ramsey shares how he created the 401Dave to help his kids save for their first car. He highlights how his children received a weekly payday for work completed around the home and how his son donated $10,000 to a relief organization at age 16.

Each family can live a life of financial freedom if they follow the guidelines in this book. Smart Money, Smart Kids is one of the best books I have read on financial freedom, and I believe it is a must read for every couple and family.

Don't Reply All by Hassan Osman

Don’t Reply All (2015)

Do you struggle with email? Do you hate it when email recipients reply all when you need just to respond to the sender? I do. I get an average of 125 emails per day that require some response from me, and many have a long list of people that are receiving the email.

Hassan's book quickly and succinctly outlines how you can write and respond to emails that will maximize your open rate and provide the information you need to get your job done quicker.

Two simple tricks I learned from Hassan's book:

  1. Use brackets with specific instructions in the subject line. For example: [Information Only] New president stopping by for a tour on Monday at 3 pm. Please be ready.
  1. State the Time Zone when sending out meeting notices – Many businesses today work with team members outside their current time zone. When sending a meeting notice, clearly spell out the time with time zone, so each team member recognizes it, and reduce confusion down the road.

These two tips and sixteen others are spelled out in Hassan's book. If you do a ton of emailing (and who doesn't these days), then you will find some helpful hints in his book.

[Book Cover]: 365 Thank Yous

365 Thank Yous (Hachette Books, 2010)

John Kralik's journey to writing 365 thank you cards was a moving story of tragedy and triumph. After an epiphany moment, a wise friend encouraged him to thankful and grateful for what he had and to tell them about it.

Over the course of 365 days, he thanked people for Christmas and birthday gifts, being a client, being his child and countless other things. He got to the point where his heart was forever changed by the writing a simple thank you card.

I have begun my own 365 gratitude journey and have found it very rewarding. Just like John, I have found that people really appreciate this simple hand-written gesture more than they care to admit.

This book is a simple, yet truthful, journey of one man's pursuit of gratitude and how it changed him forever. I encourage you to read this book and find yourself on his journey.

Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber Book Cover

Mr. Miracle (Ballantine Books, 2014)

Harry Mills is an angel sent from Heaven to help Addie Folsom realize how precious she is. Along the way, she and Eric (her neighbor) work through some old wounds and find a love they didn't know existed. There are hidden gems in this fiction read from Debbie Macomber and the Hallmark Channel turned this book into a movie featuring Rob Morrow. This was a delightful read and a perfect book to curl up by the fire during this Christmas season.

Get Up! By Dr. James Levine

Get Up! (St. Martin's Griffin, 2014)

The science behind the “sitting disease” started with Dr. James Levine. He has spent his life's work researching and developing solutions to combat obesity, heart disease, and other chronic diseases simply by identifying ways to get out of the desk chair.

This book was riveting. Levine shares cutting-edge research from the Mayo Clinic that has the power to transform our behaviors and the way we design workplaces and schools. He was instrumental in helping activity-based devices to become front and center in our lives.

The chair poses a clear and present danger to employees and kids of all ages. This book shares the research and how you can make educated decisions that will extend your life simply by getting up and moving throughout your day.

I highly recommend this book for workplace professionals, business leaders, wellness professionals and anyone who is concerned for their health.