Join My New Book Club Today and It’s Absolutely FREE

I am so excited to announce that I am launching my virtual book club today and it is absolutely free!  Dave’s Book Club will explore a variety of subjects including faith, career, design, health and wellness, biography, psychology and the list continues.  Each year, I attempt to read between 45 and 60 books in addition to listening to podcasts, reading magazines and blog posts.

The idea of a book club is not new and I can’t even take credit for the idea.  Pat Flynn launched his own book club and that’s where I got the idea.  I have got some great book ideas from him and I would be amiss if I didn’t give him the credit for this idea…so sign up for mine and his!

Coming Soon: Cradle to the Grave Photography Book

For nearly six months I have been waiting to write this blog post.  I am excited to announce that my first book / e-book will be shipping soon.  This project has been a labor of love (and frustration) at times.  The book is…

Cradle to the Grave: A Photographic Tour through the Stephenson County, Illinois Cemeteries.


Join me on a journey as we walk among the headstones.