is a university level learning system that makes college-level courses available to anyone around the globe – 24 hours per day. Each class is a mass online cohort. It is common to have upwards of 1,000 students per class depending on the course work.

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For someone who loves learning, this an excellent platform to grow your knowledge in a variety of subjects. You can audit courses for free or earn certificates in specializations such as Data Science. There is something for everyone on

Platform: Web, iOS

Cost: Free (some coursework is available for purchase)

Coursera Vision Statement

Feature List

  • Wide selection of courses
  • Global university presence
  • Ability to earn certificates
  • Ability to experiment with classes based on interest
  • Simple user interface
  • Clean and professional videos, and coursework

Favorite Feature

It’s FREE! The coursework is university level with major colleges participating. Some of the universities include Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Duke University as well as some international schools.

In a typical university system, you might pay $500-$1000 per unit for some of these classes. The cost (or lack thereof) is what makes these classes very attractive for the average person.

I have taken some analytic data classes from Johns Hopkins University and am currently enrolled in an Intro to HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers course from Johns Hopkins University.

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Why You Should Consider Using

Coursera is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn from some of the best professors in the university environment. These classes are not easy. They require discipline (just as if you were in a classroom) to complete; however, if life throws you a curve ball, you can opt-out without ever having paid for the class.

I encourage my staff to check out Coursera, along with, to expand their knowledge over a variety of coursework. The coursework varies from Art & History to Engineering to NeuroScience and Language development.

Coursera helps individuals build their skills, and work at a university level to prepare people for additional coursework in the university system or exploring other coursework through Coursera.

I have enjoyed learning with Coursera and you will too. Check them out today, and begin your learning journey immediately.

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