Welcome to our new segment titled App Friday. Every other Friday, we will explore an app (iOS, Windows, and the Web) that can help you (and your team) be more productive. Mobile is rapidly being used to conduct business on the fly, and our apps need to help us stay productive when we are away from our laptops or the office.

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Today, we kick off this new segment with the app Productive. This app helps you track habits and acts as a pseudo to-do list.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free

Feature set:

  • Clean design
  • Simple user interface (UI)
  • Stats page for all your habits
  • Streaks – it uses the power of streaks to help you maintain your habits until they are second nature.
  • Custom habit addition – there are stock habits, but you can add your habits to help you achieve your goals.
  • Reminders – you can have the app remind you of your habit

Favorite Feature

Streaks are my favorite feature of the app. The app encourages the user to build up “perfect days” (all habits completed in a day). Sometimes you will be more successful with one or two habits than with all of them. The app shows you each habit individually, and the streak associated with it.

App Friday-Productive Streaks

How To Be Successful

Completing all habits has proven harder than I anticipated, but if you start with only a couple of habits, you can see quick wins.

Personally, I track eleven habits. Most of the habits support my annual goals in some fashion.

For example, I have two habits where I review my annual and quarterly goals on a daily basis. It takes only a minute to check them in Evernote, and then I check them off.

App Friday-Productive Create Habit

You can setup your habit tracker on a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) which is great if you only make certain habits at certain times.

App Friday-Productive Stats

If you want to get more done and be Productive, then this is the app for you!

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