The Apple Watch revolutionized the way we talk about fitness, think about time, and our wearables. The question is, how could the Apple Watch transform the way we measure our workplaces?

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When we start thinking of the possibilities of the Apple Watch beyond the health, wellness, and fitness benefits, researchers can see the potential for capturing near real-time data on their workplaces.

Companies, like Humanscale, are thinking about health and wellness as an extension of their furniture and ergonomic products.

Health, wellness, and fitness goals are more than just closing the activity rings; it's about the change in lifestyle that we experience. The data we capture from our wearables is important for our fitness, but it could also help us understand how we navigate through our workplaces.

The Future of Workplace Research

The opportunities that ResearchKit and CareKit from Apple offer research scientists based on crowdsourcing data has been intriguing and exciting.

Could facility managers gather research of their workplaces using custom apps built in ResearchKit to understand how employees are using spaces?

ResearchKit & CareKit Descriptions

The opportunity to study the workplace in near real-time using an Apple Watch is an intriguing proposition.

If facility managers were to place sensors in areas they want to measure for utilization, the Apple Watch could ask employees to check-in and out of these spaces.

For Example

Employees would receive a notification on their watch when they were in a space with a sensor. They would be asked to check in, and then when they left the area, they would check out.

The watch would be able to measure how long they were in a particular type of space. If researchers also asked how the particular space met their needs by tapping a number between one and five, this would allow scientists to understand the value of the space to employees.

Future Workplace Opportunities

Health and fitness certainly are the prime market for the Apple Watch and other similar wearables. However, other possibilities for the Apple Watch include an occupancy sensor to measure office/cubicle utilization, the amount of time using an adjustable height workstation including sitting versus standing, how long it takes to travel between conference spaces and so forth.

The future of the wearable device market, specifically the Apple Watch, is intriguing for how facility managers might think about measuring their workplaces.

Tools, like ResearchKit and CareKit, present an interesting avenue for workplace researchers and facility managers to directly ask employees how they like certain workspaces.

It is a bright future for workplace researchers, designers and facility managers to gain near real-time data on their workplace from the people who will be inhabiting the spaces.

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