Remote working has evolved for the past several years or even a decade ago. Today, we have virtual teams spread out all over the world. Businesses can run with Slack, an internet connection, and some great support staff.

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Assistants no longer have to be right outside your door, rather they can be halfway around the world coordinating your business from a laptop.

Remote working certainly has morphed, but it's not just about working in a different time zone; it can also be about working in a different location.

Some people need a quiet place to work while others can work from virtually anywhere. Starbucks has made it easy to build a business from a coffee shop.

In today’s workplace, employees are craving alternative work environments. They want the Starbucks-feel without having to leave their campus.

Alternative Workspaces

Alternative workspaces can boost creativity and productivity. Here are three benefits working remotely (even in your workplace) helps you get things done.

  1. Sparks New Ideas – a change in location often leads to a breakthrough in a project. If you are stuck on a problem, it is helpful to put it aside and relocate to a different part of the campus or building.

Cafe’s are a good place to start, even if it means you initially are just answering email.

  1. Intentional Interaction – walking the hallways of your workplace can lead to conversations with colleagues. These conversations can be the game-changer you needed.

They can spark an idea or an alternative mindset that you had not considered. The mere act of getting out of workspace and walking can spark an idea.

When we walk, the activity energizes our brain and allows us to relax and become open to new thought patterns. When we run into colleagues in the hallway, our seemingly normal conversation can lead to a different mindset.

  1. Collaboration – just like walking and running into colleagues is good for the brain and pattern development, collaborating in a space that isn’t your cube or office is also good. There is a reason coffee shops have sprung up everywhere imaginable.

People love to leave the every day for something different. The more collaborative spaces we can place in our workplaces (of varying shapes, sizes and types), the better it will be for workers to create that next great product.

The Changing Face of Remote Working

Remote working is not just during our travels, but can also be within our existing spaces. Millennials crave these new types of space.

They want different styles of furniture, casual spaces near coffee bars and they want community. They don’t want to be isolated from their colleagues. This generation wants to learn as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

If your workplace thinks remote working or alternative workspaces is a fad, then you better re-evaluate. These spaces may morph and have different furniture over time, but the basic foundation is here to stay.

The question you have to ask yourself is … will you be part of the solution or will lose out on great talent because your workplace did not evolve fast enough?

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