I love to travel. I love airports. I love the atmosphere and most of all, it gives me some wonderful “me” time. 

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I have been zig-zagging my way across the country for the past three weeks. Some trips go off without a hitch and some just don’t work out like you plan.

Road Lessons

These past three weeks on the road have taught me a few valuable lessons, and I want to share them with you.

  1. Be Flexible – plans change. My flight from Chicago to Austin should have been a quick two hours. Instead, I found myself with a flight cancellation and hop scotching my way through Admirals Clubs in two different airports. I can control several things, but I cannot control the airline industry. I was supposed to be at an important strategy meeting in Austin that I missed due to the many delays. During these times, I just need to relax and go with the flow and make the best of new adventures.
  1. Reconnecting with Friends – In November 2014, I attended the Platform Conference hosted by Michael Hyatt in Colorado. During my shuttle ride to the hotel, I met Mona Corwin. We connected instantly and had a chance to share our passions for helping people. While on vacation in Texas this week, my friend was sharing about her boss’ wife who has a passion for reaching mothers. Can you guess what her name was? Yep, Mona Corwin. The best part was I got the chance to re-connect with Mona one evening and just share what has happened over the past year. What a blessing it was to share in her journey and reconnect.
  1. Refreshment – it has been a busy year, and I have found myself being successful in some endeavors and other times pushing my life a little too far into the red zone. I needed some time to recalibrate my life, spend time with friends and family, meet new people, embrace new experiences and be creative. Over these three weeks, I ran a personal best in the half marathon and found time to photograph the farmlands of Oklahoma. It was great to be busy, but it was also a time to embrace my creative side that had been dormant for some time.

After an entertaining night of delays in Dallas and eventually spending the night at the Super 8, I am finally on my way back to California for a few more days of rest. This weekend will mark the one year anniversary of my first half marathon.

During the past year, I have completed four half marathons and reduced my personal best by nearly 50 minutes. This Sunday, I will celebrate the one-year anniversary by running the Long Beach Half Marathon and tracking my time to see how far I have come in one year.

As you embark on your travel plans, I hope that you will be flexible, have a chance to reconnect with friends and find refreshment during your time away. 

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