Developing a Theology of Planning by Tony Morgan [Book Review]

Developing a Theology of Planning BookIn Developing a Theology of Planning, Tony Morgan (founder of TheUnstuck Group) highlights the importance of having a strategy for your church that involves planning.

Churches should not “wing it” on Sunday morning or with their approach to programs. The Church (with a capital “C”) is important. We have message that is life-changing and impacts you after your death. If planning is not part of your church's strategy, it could throw your church into chaos.

Tony points out that you don't need to have everything scripted, but you do need to have an overarching approach to ministry and leadership.

Here are a some highlights from his book:

“Hope is not a strategy”

“A plan doesn't limit God…A plan intensifies and accelerates what God is already doing as we work to fulfill his mission in our lives and our churches.”

“Moses complex” – church waits for the pastor to get a vision from God and then leadership is responsible for executing the vision given to the senior pastor.

“Leaders who practice a Moses-style leadership almost always end up allowing a lack of accountability or wise counsel to lead to poor decisions and ultimately their demise as effective leaders.”

“Even though Solomon was the wisest man in the world, he understood the value of receiving advice from others.”

“The toughest choices are not between good and bad. The most difficult decisions are when a leader must decide between better and best.”

“In planning, the goal is to understand where you are, where you want to be, and define how you'll get there.”

“If we do not plan, I believe we do not honor God. This is an issue of stewardship.”

“Faith is fundamentally part of planning – religious or not.”

“If God has called you to lead a church, then he will will also confirm your steps.”

“Does wisdom come from God? Yes, but God uses other people to impart his wisdom. And, for reasons we may never understand, he allows us to choose who we will listen to and who we will ignore.”

“Action without a plan can be destructive. Planning without action is a waste of time.”

“I can think of nothing – outside of supernatural intervention – that can propel a ministry forward faster than having a ministry plan.”

One final thought, if you are senior pastor or leader in the church ask yourself this:

“Is the voice of God the loudest voice in the room? We need mentors. We need elders. We need critics. We need the conversation. At the end of the day, though, we need God's wisdom.”

Planning is more than just filling in boxes on a piece of paper and then checking them off as we complete them. It is about understanding where you want to go and what the best approach to complete the project or task will be.

Although, this book is targeted for leaders in church ministry, there are many insights that can and should be applied to our own lives and jobs.

You can pick up a copy of Developing a Theology of Planning in the Amazon Kindle Store [app link].

Question: Where do you struggle in your planning process? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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