App Friday’s Are Coming – June 9

Every other Friday, two times per month, we will explore an app (iOS, Windows and Web) that can help you (and your team) be more productive. Mobile is rapidly being used to conduct business on the fly, and our apps need to help us stay productive when we are away from our laptops or the office.

Long Beach Half Marathon 2015

Today, October 11, 2015, I am joining four friends and colleagues in the Long Beach Half Marathon. One year ago (almost to the day), I started my half marathon experiences. Just ten days earlier, I ran and completed the Chicago Half Marathon.

This race will be my fifth half-marathon in a one year period of time, and I am especially looking to see how far I have come since last year's event.

My goal for this race is 2:55:00 which would be personal record by 1:06:00 over my 2014 time. That would be a huge improvement in a short period of time. Check back soon for the results!

Chicago Half Marathon 2015

Today, September 27, 2015, I am in Chicago for the Chicago Half Marathon. For the past couple of months, I have been training for this epic race. The race kicks off at 7am CDT and if all goes well, I should be done around 10:15am CDT. I can't wait to share the results with you. Say a few prayers for me!

New Posts Return on Wednesday

The last couple of weeks have been really crazy and I just haven't had a chance to write.  A new post will be posted on Wednesday.  Stay Tuned!