6 Podcasts to Strengthen Your Business Foundation

The more I dive into learning, the more I see the value of podcasts as a leader’s secret weapon for leadership development. Last year, I listened to more podcasts than ever before, and it sparked new ideas for building my personal leadership.


John Maxwell said,

Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.

If leadership is influence then one question we must ask ourselves is, what or who is shaping our direction. For me, I choose to surround myself with leaders who are visionary, strategic, outside-the-box thinkers and personal mentors

Additionally, I am influenced by the books and podcasts.

I believe our growth as leaders is never a done deal; we must be continually growing. John Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid.

The Law of the Lid states that our leadership will only grow to the capacity we have. For example, if the ability of a leader is a three (3) or four (4), they may only grow to be a five (5) or six (6).

However, if a leader's capacity is a seven (7) or eight (8), they have the ability to reach a nine (9) or ten (10).

Which leader would you rather be or follow?

I want to be a nine or ten level leader, but it takes work, humility, and perseverance. I currently have 17 podcasts in my feed, and they span the genres of leadership, marketing, communication, business, technology, education, and productivity.

If you are new to podcasts, check out this post about podcasts first.

Six Podcasts to Grow Your Leadership and Strengthen Your Business Foundation


Michael Hyatt Podcast ArtworkMichael Hyatt - Michael Hyatt (Length: 30 minutes)

Michael Hyatt is a recognized expert in platform development, productivity, and leadership.

His podcast has hundreds of episodes in its archives. He provides insight on a variety of topics including sleep, productivity, leadership, delegation, marriage, habit formation and more. His content is always well-researched, and he lives what he preaches.

I do not miss a single episode especially the ones on productivity and software how-tos.
Andy Stanley Podcast ArtworkAndy Stanley - Andy Stanley (Length: 20-25 minutes)

This once per month podcast focuses on leadership principles surrounding team development, team organization, and personal leadership.

Andy leads North Point Ministries and has interviewed some of the brightest minds in business and servant leadership while being a student of leadership himself. Each episode delivers actionable content for you to apply immediately after listening.
Unleash Your Blog Podcast ArtworkUnleash Your Blog - John Meese (Length: 20-30 minutes)

John Meese teaches and coaches leaders to grow their online businesses in just 30 minutes per day. He walks you through the process of building your business through his experiences.

He shares his triumphs and learning points. Each episode has action guides available to help you grow your business.
Actionable Content Marketing Podcast ArtworkActionable Content Marketing - CoSchedule (Length: 30 minutes)

CoSchedule is the host of the Actionable Content Marketing podcast. Each episode features a different leader in the content marketing world.

They share practical ways leaders, marketers, and businesses can grow their impact. Some of the topics include editorial calendar development, Facebook Live, selecting the right team members (and software), and how to use shortcuts to speed up processes.
Building a Storybrand Podcast ArtworkBuilding a Storybrand - Storybrand.com (Length: 50-60 minutes)

Donald Miller of Blue Like Jazz created StoryBrand, a one-of-a-kind training platform built on the seven principles of story.

Through extensive research, he and his team help business owners, leaders, pastors, and others find their story. They help people grow their platforms and businesses to build a strong customer base.

It’s filled with actionable content and incredible stories for use in all areas of your life.
Reach Podcast ArtworkReach - Val Geisler | ConvertKit (Length: 45-60 minutes)

Val Geisler of ConvertKit (my email service provider) hosts the Reach podcast. They focus on helping leaders, business owners, and bloggers grow their customer base.

She brings in experts from social media, email marketing, blog management, task management and the like to provide actionable information for growing your reach.

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or just starting out, you will find this podcast incredibly helpful.

For a list of my current podcast listenings, check out my list here. If you need help getting setup with podcasts, check out my post on podcasts and my favorite podcasting app – Overcast.

Now it's your turn.

Question: What podcasts help you grow as a leader and are foundational to your business? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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